Why the USA would Hate Soccer

Soccer in all countries is a very popular sport. It is popular in the USA, but not as popular in other countries like England, Italy, Germany, Sweden, even Coasta Rica. 1/2 of Americans play soccer in the USA.

But the reason more people don’t play soccer in the USA is because soccer players sometimes fall down easy. And the main reason why is because they are up by one point in the 88th minute and they want to just wast time to get the game over with. They do this because in soccer there are a lot of late goals. There are a lot of late goals because the defense sees that there is only 1 or 2 more minutes left in the game, so the defense will get lazy and leave gaps open for attackers to play a through ball to a player on his team. And then that player gets a easy 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper. And 96% of the time, he/her scores.

Another reason why USA would hate soccer, is because people think that there is no physical contact in the game. Well watch this and re think that…

Seventh Grade

In the last few weeks of summer, I just kept on looking at the first day of school marked on my calender. I was thinking that if I just watched the calender, then the first day of the S word would come by slower. (School is a nasty, illegal word in my siblings head during summer. We just refer to it as the S word.)

Here it is. The last night of summer. I remember going to bed and thinking, “Another useless school year is starting tommorow. yay…”

I still remember my first day of seventh grade. Every one was saying, “HI AGAIN!!!,” and, “How was your summer!?!?” A few people asked me that. And just like everyone else, I say, “Good.” All my classes were really boring. It was just about a bunch of stupid teachers telling the class about themselves. 1 hour of boredom… How happy I must be on that first day of school. I have to be honest here. I would rather teachers just tell us the rules, which should only take five minutes, And then start the first lesson. That would make my first day a WHOLE lot more fun!!! I don’t care if I have homework that first night, just please don’t describe your-self. PLEASE!!! I mean seriously, if you are a english teacher, I think that we can tell that you like to read and write during most of your free-time. And we also know you by writing something about your-self on your own website. So that way if anyone does want to know about you, they can just look on your website. But other than that, my first day of seventh grade was AWSOME!!!!!

By October, I had things down. I knew which classes to go to, which teachers will tolerate my talking and which won’t. But, at that time, I actually started marking down the days ’til summer. I should have known that it would feel like years if I started counted down from that point of time. This is a little off topic, but, I wish that you could just have someone inject a special potion or something into your brain and THEN take the STAAR Test to see if it worked or not. Now back on topic. The last thing I remember having memorized is the Chic-fil-A, Pizza Hut, and Dominoes days.

As the year goes on, I learn new stuff. I have learned a lot in every subject. But, the subject I have learned the most in, is French. I have learned about 20 times more in French than I have learned in any other subject. Science would come in second place though. I learned all the body systems. In French, I learned how to conjugate verbs correctly, how to introduce yourself in French, how to ask for directions. How to tell someone where how to get to their destination. English comes in third though. (Bronze isn’t so bad) I learned what the difference between an expository essay and a narrative essay is.

As we enter May, I can’t help but feeling a little sad that the school year is coming to a close. I feel that this was the year that I got the best teachers. All of them were really cool, funny, and just made me happy to go to school.


How to Play Soccer– Part One

Soccer is a very hard sport to play. It requires a lot of skill with feet, and skill of the mind. If you are planning to try out to the school soccer team, and have barely played soccer, then you should read this post. It will show you the basics of soccer and it will tell you the different positions. I am going to start with the position: Forward. After I give you the different positions, I will show you how to juggle and how to perform a good pass. If you think soccer is a sport of kicking and running, no contact what-so-ever, and it takes no skill, then stop reading this post NOW!!!!!!!

Forward– Forward is the scoring position. That is why it is called forward. You are forward for most of the time. The only time you are not up the field is when your team is winning by 1 or loosing by 1 and the other team is in the penalty box trying to get a shot off. To be a forward, I would say that you would have to be a smaller person. But, hey, you don’t have to be small to be a forward. Peter Crouch is the main forward for the team Stoke City, and he is 7 foot. It really comes down to how well you can score goals on the pitch. You still have to be good at passing, but the main thing a forward has to be good at, is shooting.
The Best Forwards in the World– Messi-Barcelona, Rooney-Manchester United, Robin Van Persie-Manchester United, Neymar-Barcelona, Suarez-Liverpool. Those are only a few of the best forwards in the world. There ends part one of,”How to Play Soccer.”
Part two could come out on a blog near you!
Here is also a video of some of the best goals in the world!!! Even if you don’t like soccer, you HAVE to admit that the goals are SO BOSS!!!!!

Poem– Wonderful Life of Cato

In a district of glory
With nothing but pride
Has food to eat every night

Volunteer’s at 18
With a 98% percent chance of winning
He goes to the capital

He shows his strengths
But not his weaknesses
His score is 10

He enters the arena
He kills about 6 at the start
And forms an alliance

Slowly his alliance dies
Mainly by his main antagonist
Katniss Everdeen

The food explodes
“I actually have to hunt to survive”
“This is new”, he thinks

He walks in the woods
All of a sudden
Mutts attack him

He runs to the cornucopia
Only to find Katniss and Peeta
The Hunger Games have started

Gets Peeta in a head lock
Katniss shoots him in the arm
Peeta pushes him to the ground
He is dead

Media and News Stories

My Favorite Toy– My favorite toy was the, “Little People,” Disney toy. It brought me happiness for about the first 7 YEARS of my life. I remember coming home from preschool and elementary school and just sprinted to my room, put a sign on my room that said, “KEEP OUT!!! SAMMY AND HIS LITTLE ARE IN ACTION!!! (My parents helped me with the spelling) I would always make the cop of the little people the bad guy. And the little people who were supposed to be the bad guys, I made them the innocent people. They actually brought out the most, “Happy Sammy,” my dad would say.

Here is a Little People commercial t show you what they are just incase you have no idea what they are and what I’m talking about…

Favorite Quote

This is my favorite quote. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole believing that it is stupid.”– Albert Einstein

That quote is my favorite quote because it reminds me that I am a genius. It tells me that I might not be the genius at school, but, I am a genius at soccer. I am a genius at soccer.
I am not quite not sure when Mr. Einstein said that quote, but he did say it. He did have many other quotes, but, this one means more to me than the others. That and because I have only seen one other quote of his. 🙂 Albert Einstein died in 1955. 🙁
He died at age 76.

This is my favorite quote. Please reply and tell me yours!

My Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant is Carinos. You may better know it by Johnny Carinos Italian Grill. It’s food is to die for!

Carinos is more of a dark restaurant. The only light is a little bulb over your table. But the walls have bright colors. The colors are really light yellow. And, on the walls, since it is a Italian restaurant, posters and news papers of the Italian National Team.

This is going to sound really weird, but, their drinks are the best!!! They are the most fresh drinks in the world. Imagine drinking a soda with their world famous, “Big Bread.” . The bread is like garlic heaven. LITERALLY!!!! Now if you think that is tasty, your wrong!!! Dip it in their olive oil sauce and you will be in lala-land. Again, LITERALLY!!!!

My Favorite Place in Austin

My favorite place in Austin… Well, I have many cool places in Austin where I like to go. But I only have one FAVORITE place to be in Austin: West Creek Fields.

West Creek Fields. That is the perfect way to spend any day, but saturday. Saturday is when I watch my soccer. I love playing soccer at West Creek Fields. You feel like a professional every time you set foot on the freshened grass in the world. But the nets are even more spectacular! They don’t have holes in them like other fields do. That way, when a goal is scored, the goalkeeper doesn’t have to run a mile jut to get the ball. And, that isn’t even the best part…. The best part is that a field that good is o[en to the public. So you don’t have to be in the Lonestar Soccer Club to be able to play on the pitch; You could just be a family trying to have fun together.

My friends and I usually go hit the pitch at early saturday. It is about 5-10 minutes from my house, so me and my dad go out there and practice soccer together. Back to my friends and I… We usually just get a mini game going. Usually a 3v3 or 4v4. It just depends on how many people show up. After the mini game, since I’m the goalie for our team, they just take shots on me or play World Cup with me in the goal until we see our parents come and pick u up to get dressed for game.

If it weren’t for West Creek Fields, I would not have the skill I have with a soccer today. That is why West Creek Fields is my favorite place in Austin.

Why the Phantom Hates the World

The Phantom hates the world because no one loves him Not even his own mother!!! She wouldn’t even look at him without if his mask was off. Some mother…. Plus, I don’t think he has ever had girlfriend. Maybe he wouldn’t be so grumpy if he had his High School sweet heart….
I have to be honest here, I probably would’ve done some crazy stuff if people treated me like that. Maybe not that crazy, but I woould be crazy. The only thing that stoped the Phantom from keeping Cristine with him, was finally to get his first kiss!!! (Congratulations)

Summer Olympic Games

What Olympic Games are more fun to watch: Winter or Summer. What Olympic Games are the the most interesting games to watch: Winter or Summer. Well, if you know me, then you should know that I love watching the Olympic Summer Games more than the Olympic Winter Games. The Summer Games are more interesting to watch.

First off, the Summer Games have the sports I actually like. For example: Soccer, 100 meter dash, 1600 meter, relays, Basketball, etc. Soccer is the sport I love the most. I love it because you have to use and control your feet really well. It requires you to think even before you have the ball. The 100 meter dash is my second favorite sport because it requires you to be fast and be quick. That is really the only thing that sport is all about: Being quick and fast.

Another reason is because America is actually good at those sports. (except soccer. USA didn’t even make to the Olympics in the soccer sport! But don’t worry, we are much better. MUCH BETTER!!!) A lot of the Americans finished top ten in a lot of sports. I’m pretty sure we go a gold in basketball. And a couple top ten spots in the running sports and relays.

So, the point is that the Summer Olympics are WAY better than the Winter Olympics. I mean come on, would you rather watch the Summer Olympics where your country is actually good. Or would you rather watch the Winter Olympics where your country doesn’t do as well. The option is clear. Make your decision CAREFULLY!!!!!